Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ladies who Lunch

"Don't these people have jobs?"

I'm straying from my usual format a bit...this quote is from a colleague. We ate lunch out on Monday and she was just flabbergasted by the huge 11:30 lunch crowd. I had an exceptionally weird week schedule wise, Work Day on Monday, kids on Tuesday, conference on Wednesday and Thursday (kids had a sub) and kids again on Friday.

If you teach (or know teachers) you know what a treat eating lunch can be. Today between 11:20 and 12:05 I lined my kids up for lunch (it took us three tries to get it right), took them to the cafeteria, supervised their salad bar choices, arranged for a replacement lunch when a tray flew out of someone's hands, ran to the restroom, made copies, ate some cottage cheese, called a parent, talked with the principal about a scheduling problem, got supplies from the secretary, drank a Coke and picked the kiddos up from recess.

You can see how eating lunch in a restaurant three times this week is just about enough to make me think about changing careers.

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